Get ready to discover the


Get ready to discover the


You are a

  • You’re someone with a message, lifestyle or teaching to share.

  • I bet you have a dream community in mind that you want to share bite-size pieces of your expertise with.

  • You might not be ready to write your book just yet, but there are online platforms where you can still sharpen your writing skills while sharing your life.

I’ll show you the significance of starting where you are at while working towards the vision you have in mind.


Get clear on what you want to share with the world. Is it how to make your favorite hand-me-down recipes or a travel blog of the best places to stay in Europe? You get to choose.

Don’t be afraid to start small. All great writers have started somewhere. Whether it is in Instagram captions, Facebook posts, or a free blog on the Internet - just start. 


Be comfortable with sharing your life publicly. People want to know the true you - even if there is a screen that separates them. Show up. Be real. 



Build your confidence as a writer

Ever heard of imposter syndrome? It sounds a lot like, “but I’m not a real writer...” or “I write for fun but could never be an author” -- sound familiar? The first step in building your confidence as
a writer is dismantling the beliefs that limit your writing.

Here’s the good news, when you identify the lies you get clear on the truth.

The truth is there’s a reason you took this quiz and I am confident that you are more than capable of writing your dream book!

Create a schedule for guaranteed follow through

I get it, I’ve been there too -- the messy house, the frisbee that just hit me in the head and the toddler that constantly needs another snack, the boss that calls after hours, the to do list that just keeps getting longer. Do I need to go on?

Time slips away faster than we hope for, but often we underestimate how much time we dedicate to mindless activities that don’t move us in the direction we’ve been longing to go. Is the 30-minute scroll through Instagram when you wake up something you can trade for a dedicated time to write? Follow through happens when you keep yourself accountable to your goals

Start messy but start somewhere

I know the white page in front of you may seem daunting, but let your work be messy at first. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your only goal right now is to start. Maybe that looks like a rough draft of an outline or getting clear on what you want to write in the first place. Brick by brick, and word by word.